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Your Tour Benefits to Villagers, Nature & Culture
Community Based Eco-tourism and Adventure Specialist in the Northern of Laos
Luang Namtha, Oudomxay & Muang Khua, Phongsaly Province, Laos
Preserve Nature in Luang Namtha, LaosPreserve Culture in Luang Namtha, Laos Eco-Trek in Laos

"LAOS CBT" Laos Community Based Tourism
What we offer you in Laos
Trekking Tours in Luang Namtha
Eco-Lodge in Northern of Laos
SPECIAL: Homestay in Luang Namtha
3 Days-The Akha Experience
Real Adventure Trek in Golden Triangle, Laos
Nam Ha National Park
1 Day Trek-Hunting Trail in Nam Ha NPA
2 Days Hike-The Experience of a lifetime
3 Days Hike-Challenge, Lifestyle, Jungle
Ban Nam Dee Homestay “Lanten Village”
Ban Vieng Neua Homestay “Tai Youn Village”
Ban Nam Ha Homestay “Khmu Village”
Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay “Tai Deang Village”
2 Nights Homestay: Ban Nam Dee & Ban Vieng Neua “Lanten & Tai Youn Villages”
2 Nights Homestay: Ban Vieng Neua & Ban Pieng Ngam “Tai Youn & Tai Deang Villages”
2 Nights Homestay: Ban Pieng Ngam & Ban Nam Dee “Tai Deang & Lanten Villages”
3 Nights Homestay: In Different Ethnic Minorities “Tai Youn, Tai Dang & Lanten”
1 Day Tuk Tuk Tour + Khmu Homestay & 1 Day Trekking in Nam Ha National Park
1 Day Biking Tour + Lanten Homestay & Half Day Trekking
1 Day Kayak Tour + Tai Youn Homestay & CBT Activities
1 Day Scooter Tour & Tai Deang Homestay
1 Day Tuk Tuk Tour + Khmu Homestay, 1 Day Trekking + Forest Camping & 1 Day Jungle Trek
1 day biking from Luang Namtha-Muang Sing- 2 days trek Muang Sing-Luang Namtha on Falang Trail
2 Days Explore Road No.17
2 Day Explore Home of Khmu & Off-Road
3 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
4 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
2 Days Explore Road No.17
2 Day Explore Home of Khmu & Off-Road
3 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
4 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
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2 Days Combine Tour: 1 Day Biking Tour + Lanten Homestay & Half Day Trekking (ID: NT-MT-08)
Start-Finish in Luang Namtha
Duration: 2 Days / 1 Nights
Departure: 9:00 AM Daily
Full day sightseeing, Bike approx. 4 hours & Homestay
Trip Overview
Soft biking to visit different of ethnic minorities, they are Tai Dam, Tai Deang, Tai Youn to see & enjoy their culture & traditional, stupa, experience the Lanten culture & tradition, Baci-ceremony, taste local meals, stay overnight with families, participate & learning how to make paper from bamboo, natural dyeing & traditional weaving. Short trek in the preserve forest area, visit waterfall & participate in the day-to-day work of the family.
laos homestay accommodation Where stay Laos Stay in local villages
stay with ethnic minorities in Laos   Sleeping with local people in Laos   Sleeping in local villages in Laos
Day 1: Luang Namtha Valley-Nam Dee Homestay
Departure at 9:00 AM. Cycling visit Luang Namtha Museum, Luang Namtha & Phou Puk Stupa, visit Tai Dam Village “Ban Nam Ngaen” the village who process of making the famous Lao rice whiskey, visit Tai Deang Village “Ban Pieng Ngam” the villages are famous for their many different handicrafts, picnic lunch on the trail. After lunch continue visit Tai Dam villages in the off-road, direct to Lanten village “Ban Nam Dee” the village of homestay, join CBT activities as: Experience the Lanten culture & tradition, Lanten Baci-ceremony, taste local meals, stay overnight with Lanten families.
Experiencing a homestay in a traditional Lao village   Experiencing a homestay in a traditional Lao village   Experiencing a homestay in a traditional Lao village
Experiencing a homestay in a traditional Lao village   Homestay in Laos - Gîte rural - Luang Namtha   Why a homestay is the best way to see the real Laos
laos homestay accommodation   Our accommodations will be the floor of a simple home   The Culture Home Stay Project was established to benefit the small
Day 2: Nam Dee Homestay-CBT Activities- Half Day Trekking
In the morning walk around the village to see Lanten lifestyle. After breakfast participate in the day-to-day work of the family such as: how to make paper from young bamboo, traditional waving, and natural dyeing. Or option trek through village preserve forest to explore nature, the picnic lunch will provide on the trail, next walk down visit Nam Dee waterfall and back to Luang Namtha around 4 PM.
Rates per person in US$ & Laos Kip (LAK)
TourID: NT-MT-08 Rate / person (US$) Rate / person (Kip) Remark
Group  Tours 1 Persons 249.00 1,990,000 Daily
2 Persons 166.00 1,330,000
3 Persons 131.00 1,050,000
4 Persons 118.00 945,000
5 Persons 111.00 885,000
6 Persons 104.00 830,000
7 Persons 97.00 775,000
8 Persons 90.00 720,000
Prices include:
  • Leader guide “English speaking tour guide” & Local guide “who knowledge tradition & culture”
  • Covered transport “Mountain bike”
  • Accommodation “Lanten Homestay” stay with family
  • Meals-Lunch x 2, Dinner x 1, Breakfast x1
  • Homestay owner service charge
  • Entrance ticket
  • Drinking water during the trip
  • Trekking, Lanten traditional Baci-ceremony & Community based tourism activities
  • Tour permit & provincial tax on net income
  • Tour service
Where your money go...!
Homestay & CBT Activities Benefits Sharing
Bring a small backpack which should contain following items:
  • Shoes; a good pair of running shoes are perfect, or even better are the lightweight trekking boots.
  • 2 T-shirts (cotton), one short or long pant.
  • 2 pair of socks. Sandals, flip-flop (for the evening in village).
  • Towel (or sarong), swimming suits, toilet and personal effects.
  • Personal prescription drugs, contact lenses, glasses.
  • Sun-cream (waterproof), hat, sunglasses. Mosquito repellent.
  • 1 long sleeves sweater and pants, or jogging suits.
  • Small flashlight, camera and films.
Homestay: participants must be aware that there are no western-style toilets and washing facilities. Sleeping is on a bamboo floor, dormitory style. Sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are supplied.
Note: Homestay itinerary is a basic guideline only and subject to change. All homestay are supervised by Luang Namtha Provincial of Information, Culture & Tourism Department (PICTD), Laos Community Based Tourism (Laos-CBT) & Phou Iu Travel-Eco-tours which means all areas are frequented by tourists.
+856-20-99 44 00 84 ( English Speaking ), 22 39 01 95 ( Laos Speaking )
E-mail 1: info@laos-cbt.org; E-mail 2: laoscbt@gmail.com
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